Participating in A to Z Challenge is always fun. When it was time to decide the theme for this year’s challenge, I decided to go with the theme ‘A Reader’s Take‘ after a lot of brain storming. Each day I took a novel title corresponding to that day’s alphabet and started shaping my story based on that. It was my first attempt at writing a novella and ‘Leave Me Never’ turned out better than I expected.
The Blurb
       Kayra is the kind of girl who you would fall in love with. With her cheerfulness and enthusiasm, she can make anyone smile. ‘Radiator’ is what people call her. But something happened, that changed all this. Kayra is no more her bubbly self. The girl who made others’ smile has now lost her own smile. She refuses to even talk with people. A worried Mrs. Sharma, Kayra’s mother, seeks Kayra’s best friend Ayaan’s help to bring her daughter back to normal. But things get difficult when Kayra refuses to talk to even Ayaan. Will Ayaan succeed in finding out the reason behind Kayra’s strange behavior? What happens when the secret Kayra has been keeping comes to light? 
       ‘Leave Me Never’ is a story about dreams, love and friendship. Join Kayra and Ayaan in their journey to find out more.
Series Index

Chapter 1 – A Stranger in the Mirror