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  1. Shailaja Vishwanath says:

    What a strange Viva examiner! What was the purpose behind those weird questions of his? 😀 You should have said that about sindhoor being a good conductor of electricity by the way 😉
    Shailaja Vishwanath recently posted…Vegetarian- #FlashFiction #AtoZChallengeMy Profile

  2. Sreesha says:

    Sindoor??? You know you should’ve given the answer that came to your mind - would’ve shut him up 😛
    Sreesha recently posted…Valentine’s Day | #AtoZChallengeMy Profile

  3. Mayuri Nidigallu says:

    I felt a chill go down my spine even as I read the word VIVA!
    I used to DREAD mine and I must confessed i have cried copiously before and after!
    “What is the reason behind women wearing Sindhoor?” what question is this? Crazy!;)))

  4. Roshan Radhakrishnan says:

    As a medical student, plenty of ridiculous experiences during viva… from obscene questions being asked by a lecherous examiner to female and male students alike to topping an exam because the person before me was asked the same questions and i was standing outside and listening 🙂
    Roshan Radhakrishnan recently posted…Meghan Vogel is a Selfless Hero of Sportsmanship #AtoZChallengeMy Profile

  5. Reema D'souza says:

    Been there and I know how it feels. I wasn’t scared of the results of the experiment or that capacitor or LED would burst! I dreaded the vivas.
    Reema D’souza recently posted…#AtoZChallenge : Veni Vidi VinciMy Profile

  6. Shilpa Garg says:

    That made for an interesting read. Vivas… I remember giving them decades ago… God… that makes me look so ancient. LOL 😀
    Shilpa Garg recently posted…Vitiating Acts #AtoZChallenge @AprilA2ZMy Profile

  7. Suzy says:

    The only one I ever had was hindi reading. We didn’t call them viva - sounds very fancy.

    Suzy at Someday Somewhere - Variety of thoughts

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