Introvert’s Life

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  1. Shailaja Vishwanath says:

    If you enjoy being an introvert, you would love the book ‘Quiet’ by Susan Cain. It gives lovely insights into the term and the various parts of the spectrum that introverts fall on. Dispels many myths about introverts as well.

    That bit about books is so true 🙂
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    Oh you nailed it on this one Swathi! I agree with the loud parties, me time and noticing more! I qualify on most of these points though peeps now dont call me an introvert at all! 😉

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  3. Shilpa Garg says:

    I am partly introvert and partly extrovert, but as a kid I was predominantly introvert. May be my job and travel has brought about this change. But at heart, I am an introvert and agree with all the pointers you shared and I love that picture. It’s apt, totally!
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  4. Dipanwita says:

    Being an introvert myself, I can relate to all the points you have mentioned. The last one is best. We are the most talkative ones once we get comfortable with anyone. Good Post Swathi
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  5. Modern Gypsy says:

    Hello there my fellow introvert! 🙂 I love that survival kit you’ve put together - it’s so very relatable. There are days when I’m happiest in my comfy, oversized clothes, playing at the art table, reveling in my solitude. Such bliss that is!
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  6. Namratha says:

    I identify with a lot of your points about introverts: Wonder if all introverts prefer writing to talking?
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  7. Ramya Abhinand says:

    It isn’t easy being an introvert in the world today . I was partly an introvert but with the nature of my job I was pushed into being an extrovert.
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  8. Roma Gupta Sinha says:

    I can relate to every ounce of what you wrote Swathi though I am an extrovert. Guess how? My hubby and sonny are both introverts and I am kind of adapted to their universe. Most of my friends are introverts too and you are real beautiful souls.

  9. Bellybytes says:

    What a lovely post that was. I specially liked the survival kit. Sometimes it is best to be introverted because at least your own company is almost always pleasant!
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  10. Shalini says:

    I do not know what I am. I am half there. 🙂 While I love to sit with a book at home any day, I also like meeting new people.
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  11. Mocktail Mommies says:

    Tell-tale signs of being an introvert are very well listed. Nice post.

  12. Sanch @ Sanch Writes says:

    I totally get this…being an introvert too. Funnily enough, for a couple of years recently, I was more extroverted…I was getting energy from being with people. But I reckon deep down, I’m an introvert and I fell back to that comfortable place!
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  13. Kaddu says:

    Hahaha! I’m a full-on introvert! My family has to drag me to family functions that can’t be avoided. And that last point was right on target. Once we get comfy with someone, we just don’t stop yapping! 😛
    Loved that survival kit graphic! 😀
    Happy AtoZing!
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  14. Vinodini says:

    Hahaha, this was quite an entertaining post. I’m going to be extra careful around an introvert after this. I don’t wish to be punched, you see. 😉 I used to be an introvert as a child but now it is the opposite.
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  15. Rajlakshmi says:

    This is so true 😀 I am kind of an ambivert now. Only friends of introverts know how chatty they can be 😛
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  16. shubhangi srikanth says:

    hahaha! Some survival kit that is! everyone seems to have picked Introvert today. I did too!

    Shubhangi @ The Little Princess
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  17. Deepa says:

    I was an introvert but not one now. Although they say once an introvert always an introvert but I changed a lot. I used to be very quiet. I love all the points you mentioned especially the public speaking one. I still have that stage fear.
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  18. Geets says:

    Definitely not an introvert and I know and have read all these points so many times because I have lot of friends who are introverts! It was fun to read this one Swathi

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  19. Reema D'souza says:

    I think I’m a mix of the two! Yes, I like spending time by myself but I also like making new friends and speaking a lot 😛
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  20. Nancy says:

    I love the introvert’s survival kit! I agree - introverts unite. Alone. In our own homes. 🙂

  21. Menaka Bharathi says:

    Hahaha..That’s such an entertaining post..I feel that i am mix of two as sometimes i like my “ME” time but times i love talking to people too !

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    *Menaka Bharathi *
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