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  1. Sheethal says:

    I have one, who’s 10 years younger to me and he’s 18 this year. Even now (read 5mins before), we fight like cats & dogs. But still I cannot live without him. He’ll be leaving home in a few months for college, and I can’t even think what I’m going to do without him. It’s like, you cannot live with them yet cannot survive without them too.

    • swathishenoy says:

      I can understand your feeling. When I left home last year for my masters, I missed him so much. But he says I have friends in hostel n he misses me more at home.

  2. Shailaja Vishwanath says:

    ‘Quarrel about who was the dog’ Wow, you seem to find reasons to fight ?

    The bond of a sibling is quite beautiful. I wouldn’t give up the one I have with my sister for anything. We make each other laugh, hold on to one another when we cry and are the best of friends. Glad to see it’s the same for you and your brother.
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  3. Mocktail mommies says:

    Lovely article….could relate to it as I share the same relation with my brother too…it touched my heart!! Wish you luck with the remaining articles!!

  4. Kaddu says:

    Well, I have an adopted little ‘brother’ like that! Hahaha! Got him through my blog. Unfortunately, we don’t stay in same town, so the hair-pulling is out. But we do everything else possible over phone calls! ? Naturally, I get to bully him a lot.
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  5. Menaka Bharathi says:

    Such a lovely post. Brothers are truly precious, my brother is the same, always by my side and chatting whenever possible.
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  6. Shilpa Garg says:

    I have seen that the siblings who have fought like cats and dogs as kids share terrific relationships as adults. The bond that they share is deep and strong. It’s fantastic that you share the same bond with your brother. Touch wood 🙂
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    • swathishenoy says:

      I guess those fights strengthen the roots. I will make sure I never utter this line infront of my mom, lest I will have to face her wrath about how fighting is bad ?

  7. Sreesha says:

    How very lucky. Loved how you’ve shared this story of your bond (and also of the sibling rivalry! ? )
    Sreesha recently posted…Bittersweet Memories | #AtoZChallengeMy Profile

  8. Menaka Bharathi says:

    yes i have a sibling and have many memorable moments…Still after having kids we do fight for little things..These are the tiny joys of life…

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    *Menaka Bharathi*

  9. Geets says:

    My brother and I always used to be on one side and he used to tease my sister on my orders! Those days used to be so much fun! Brothers always care in undefined ways, right?

    You’re lucky to have him.

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  10. Shalini says:

    That’s what having a brother is like! Brilliantly put, Swathi 🙂
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  11. Mithila Menezes @fabulus1710 says:

    You know what, I laughed out loud at the image-quote. I don’t remember fighting for toys with my elder sister, but I guess now clothes replace the toys! At least you don’t have to share your nice shoes and nice dresses with your younger brother ?
    Mithila Menezes @fabulus1710 recently posted…Brotherhood (or sisterhood) of the Introverted Netizens #AtoZChallengeMy Profile

    • swathishenoy says:

      I am sure if I had to share my nice clothes, it would have resulted in a war and the roof of our home would be blown away with the impact of our fights! Thank God, I have a brother!! ?

  12. Vinodini says:

    Haha, this sounds familiar! Only I was the younger one. My brother was the older one. We have shared a similar kind of journey. As kids we were constantly loggerheads. But as we started growing up, things changed and we became the best of the friends. Your post has made me nostalgic.

    • swathishenoy says:

      So glad I could take you on a trip down the memory lane 🙂 Things does change as we grow and now that we look back, those fights bring back a sweet smile on the face 🙂

  13. shubhangi srikanth says:

    Hahahha.. loved reading this one !! I have a sister and we were no less than dogs too! when hell broke loose, we have resorted to pulling each other’s hair and biting too! And yes…all those rules hold good….everything I want belongs to me, by hook or crook!
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    • swathishenoy says:

      Biting too? ? my brother bit me only once and I had bit him back harder. That was it!! Biting was off limits after that ? sisters or brothers, the rules always apply ?

  14. Sanch @ Sanch Writes says:

    I think when we are young, siblings are always a pain but when we grow older, we realise their value. You and your brother have a wonderful bond.
    Sanch @ Sanch Writes recently posted…#Brevette: Stories #atozchallengeMy Profile

  15. Suzy says:

    Reminded me of my young days. My brother is 6 years older than me. I would say to him that in my next life I’m going to be the older sibling.
    Suzy recently posted…Be like the River … #atozchallenge letter BMy Profile

    • swathishenoy says:

      My brother used to tell me the same. But now he says being younger is better because it has its own benefits. For instance, the parents always take the younger one’s side ?

  16. Tina Basu says:

    The worst part of growing up was not having a sibling. Every other cousin had their own sibling and the friendship between them were better than with just cousins. But then its also a nice only-child-world. But i have many memorable memories with my cousins.
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  17. Soumya says:

    I don’t have a brother but I do have an elder sister! We’ve had our shares of love and fights and still manage to get along pretty well ?

    My most memorable moment would be when she let me get married first when I was the younger one as I had found the love of my life and we wanted to get married soon.
    Soumya recently posted…B: Bookworm & Blossoms #AToZChallengeMy Profile

  18. Parul Thakur says:

    What a fun one and we too had such things at home. I have a younger brother and we have fought so much. Growing up was fun since we were together. Lovely post!
    Parul Thakur recently posted…B for Being you #AtoZChallengeMy Profile

  19. Reema D'souza says:

    Been there, done that! Childhood or even adulthood is incomplete without fighting with your sibling! This post brought back so many memories!
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  20. Anmol Rawat says:

    I have a younger sister. Just like you have mentioned, we too fought, but it was seldom. I won’t narrate a story here, but would like to mention how she is much more sensible than me despite of being younger to me. It leaves me amazed sometimes because she is much mature than me against several instances.
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  21. sheela says:

    I can relate well to your post…I felt nostalgic while going through it. Lovely account !
    sheela recently posted…Ceaseless Continuance #AtoZChallengeMy Profile

  22. Anita says:

    Can relate! Rules about property is so true! 🙂
    Can’t imagine life without siblings!
    Including my cousins, I have lots of siblings & it’s so much fun.
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  23. Debbie D. says:

    it must be wonderful to have such a good relationship with your brother. As an only child, I used to fantasize about having siblings. It would have been nice to have someone to share the family burdens with when my parents were alive.
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