A Stranger In The Mirror

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  1. Shilpa Garg says:

    Aha! That's a fab start!! Wonder what's the reason for Kayra's this state of mind. Will wait as the story progresses! I have read A stranger in The Mirror thrice and loved it! The climax is simply amazing!!

  2. You have started with a bang! A very fitting title and I loved how you gave us a peek into both of their minds. Staying tuned for more.
    *Shantala @ ShanayaTales*

  3. WM Anderson says:

    That's a very creative and challenging theme. I'm not a fiction writer… but I sure am a reader. This month is going to be a lot of fun… I can see hours disappearing as I visit blogs all over the world. Enjoy!
    Wendy at Wendy of The Rock

  4. Rajlakshmi says:

    You Got Me Hooked. I Wonder What Kayr Is Up To. Beautiful Narration Too 🙂

  5. Arpita Dash says:

    Wonderful start dear. I love your theme selection,it's unique. Eagerly waiting for your series…

  6. Prasanna Rao says:

    Wonderful start Swathi. And A stranger in the mirror was one of my favorite novel of Sidney Sheldon. Good book to start the challenge 🙂

  7. Aathira says:

    I love this novel by Sidney Sheldon! And you have done justice to the title. Can't wait to know what was going on in her mind! I shall be back tomorrow to read the rest 🙂

  8. a Rat says:

    Lovely start. Theme is very unique. I'm looking forward to read the A – Z series 🙂
    A Rat's Nibble

  9. sulekkha says:

    Interesting story, like your idea of Reader's Take on a well known story. Will be here tomorrow to read some more 🙂
    My link http://sulekharawat.com/2015/04/01/a-long-time-ago-in-kochi/

  10. Vinay Leo R. says:

    I think I've read this novel before, but not quite sure 🙂 Will have to check the library when I visit next.

  11. Great post Swathi! Looking forward to the rest of your posts.

    My link is here: http://www.livingmyimperfectlife.com/ablutophobia-a-to-z-challenge/

  12. Suzy says:

    Sounds very interesting. Looking forward to the next part. A great start to the AtoZChalllenge

  13. Soumya says:

    Ah I cannot wait to read the next part!

    A stranger in the mirror is one of my favorite books and I'm glad you chose that for a start. Initially I thought you would be re-writing it though 🙂

  14. I Want to know what she's preparing for!! Great way to grab our attention.

    Good luck with the 2015 A to Z Challenge!
    A to Z Co-Host S. L. Hennessy

  15. What a way to start! Loved it, Definitely coming back tomorrow to read more! Happy A to Z, Swathi! 🙂
    *Shalini @TaleofTwoTomatoes*

  16. You drew me right in, Swathi. I'm curious to read tomorrow's post. 🙂

  17. Wow, what a start, Swathi. I can't wait for the following chapters.

  18. Eli Ert says:

    Yay- Swathi – great start – I look forward to more:-) best of luck with A to Z

  19. This is a great start and you definitely have me hooked!

  20. Simran says:

    Ah! suspense. What's next? Eagerly waiting for the next part 🙂

  21. Great start to the challenge ! Can't wait to know what the suspense is about… 🙂

  22. Sushree Dash says:

    Good one Swathi….and a great start 🙂 All the best for the rest of the challenege. Waiting for the next parts….

    Mine at…. http://drsushreedash.blogspot.in/2015/04/away.html

  23. Hey Swathi, your concept is unique. And I enjoyed reading your first post. Looking forward to the next one 😀

  24. Nibhz says:

    What changed her?? Spill the beans!!

    And Then There Were None

  25. Got to be here again for the sake of curiosity! Wonderful start Swathi.

  26. Enticed to come back tomorrow 🙂 another a to z blogger

  27. A fab start with an incredible theme 🙂 Silence before the storm. waiting for the further posts Swathi!

  28. Nice take on the novel, I am a big Sidney fan. I Have read all the books. All the best.

  29. Ina Tales says:

    Toby Temple is one my faaav characters. That story had such a chilling end .. and so does your story. Looking forward to know more about Kayra's decision.

    My link :http://inatales.blogspot.com/2015/04/letter-atum-gets-his-canvas.html

  30. bookworm says:

    I haven't read the Stranger in the Mirror novel, so this will all be fresh to me. Looking forward to subsequent chapters (and thank you for visiting my blog. Alana at ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  31. Good beginning…in the Sheldon way gripping.my new post #atozchallenge second day for B http://poojasharmarao.blogspot.in/2015/04/blessing-of-being-bibliophile-in-memory.html

  32. Debbie D. says:

    I remember reading Sidney Sheldon's book many years ago. Your story is also intriguing! Unique idea for a theme. ☺

  33. What a wonderful idea and great kick-off!

  34. Good and intriguing start.

  35. An intriguing start to something. Waiting for the plot to develop. Nice post 🙂

  36. Amrit Sinha says:

    I love your theme for the A to Z challenge. Your plot definitely had the perfect start. Eager to read more 🙂

  37. That is quite a start. I haven't read too many novels though but it is going to be interestin to know the common ones 🙂

  38. Good start Swathi 🙂 Would love to know the story.

  39. Prathima Rao says:

    Interesting theme Swathi! I enjoy reading novels so I will be coming back here for more 🙂

    My blog : http://totallyinternalreflections.blogspot.sg/

  40. Wow, looks like you have quite the fan following for the story, Swathi 🙂 Lovely to see the comments. Just started reading. Will catch up and leave a comment at the end of my reading. Hope that's fine 🙂

  41. I missed a number of your earlier posts…catching up…didn't know this was based on other novels! An interesting concept! 😉 And a great story too boot so far for chapter 1! 🙂 <3

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