First Crush

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18 Responses

  1. Laurel Regan says:

    What a sweet story, and a great surprise ending! Love the twist – I totally wasn't expecting that. Thanks for sharing!

  2. So, do you love 'Harry' or 'Daniel' 😉
    I think since we're all bibliophiles, I think it'll be Harry !

  3. Hehehehe! I guessed it to be Harry 😉 A sweet story indeed 🙂

  4. Rupasi says:

    Harry Potter!!!! Nooooo!!!
    I don't like him 🙁

    LoL! 😛
    But what about the insaan wala first love? 😉

  5. That's such a sweet story Swathi! Love the ending: you certainly took me by surprise! 😉 <3

  6. Aditi says:

    Haha…really HP? I think you are hiding something…tell us about your real first crush… 😉

  7. Nabanita says:

    haha it had to be Harry ? 🙂 Well first love is first love can't argue with that, can we?

  8. Hey! I love him too! He is so cute. Lovely twist to the tale.

  9. tulika singh says:

    Harry Potter? You love Harry Potter? Not denying he's cute though and a magician to boot. What more can a girl ask for!

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