Compassion in Day-to-Day Life #1000Speak

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7 Responses

  1. Nabanita says:

    I agree…small sweet gestures from all of us can make the difference

    If we all do our bid it will surely be enough!

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  2. Usha Menon says:

    All good gestures, though small, make a great impact on the needy person,

  3. Red Handed says:

    So true…compassion can be seen all around us.
    If we all continue doing small acts of kindness everyday, the world would be a much better place .

  4. agree with you what you expressed in last paragraph . keep writing. πŸ™‚

  5. Suzy says:

    Yes very true, small gestures make big differences, Oh but animals are not dumb in fact they are just as clever as us and we could learn a lot from them.

  6. sulekkha says:

    So many good people, so many lovely stories! We are making this world a beautiful place by giving a bit of ourselves to it, love it.

  7. Rupasi says:

    I have noticed one thing and that is 'one scabbed sheep mars the whole flock'… When one person does something bad we say humanity is lost, forgetting all those nice people out their who are genuinely working for the good of humanity… πŸ™

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