Mom and Facebook!!

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  1. tulika singh says:

    Ha ha ha Swathi. I understand your predicament but I understand your mom too. I suggest you have two accounts – one for her and one for your friends. Lord my God if my kids read this I'm so jacked – even though they're young yet. But FB is a blessing for senior citizens with time to spare, and a wonderful way to keep them updated. My mom enjoys my kids' pictures and videos on FB.

  2. Cathy Graham says:

    Hahaha! I had to smile at your post. Poor you! My mom and dad are on FB but don't post that much. Sometimes my mom posts on the wrong wall which can be kind of funny. They look at my stuff but don't monitor my use, thank goodness as I'm on there too much at times. I feel for you! 😉

  3. Laurel Regan says:

    Oh dear, I think that would drive me crazy! Neither of my parents are on Facebook, and I must admit, your post makes me feel rather glad about that! 😉

  4. nibhz says:

    Perfect!! I can so relate to it!! Each and every word reminded me of some or the other incident!!

  5. Nabanita says:

    hahaha….but parents are so cute on facebook no?

  6. Rupasi says:

    Oh God!!! So awkward! 😛
    Yeah, even I think u should make two separate accounts, you and your mom both will remain calm then 😛 or one of you needs to deactivate 😛

  7. Lol! Tell me about it, It's my Dad!!!! 😀

  8. Suzy says:

    haha your post made me laugh. No wonder my daughter won't friend me on FB. Each time I ask her she says – you're my mom not my friend!

  9. Red Handed says:

    seriously! Our parents are catching up with us. No more getting 🙁
    My dad just joined whatsapp.

  10. yasmeen says:

    First of all thank u swathi for giving me a chance to speak abt this topic. Uo bro has done a gr8 job of teaching uo mom using fb coz social networking sites aren't safe as they were. If one's parents learn how to use fb they 'll also learn to protect their children from cruel and mind freak folks. I consider parents as guardian angels. Perhaps, they no what's good and bad to decide when it comes to children. So I conclude, it's the best way to save ourselves having parents to guide on every single step we choose.

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