An Impossible Place!

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53 Responses

  1. How I wish I could go back to being a little girl! Lovely poem Swathi 🙂

  2. The last few days, I have been pretty down and wishing for simpler times. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Brian Miller says:

    ah if only we could go back…childhood seemed like such an easier time…simpler kinda life…

  4. Beautiful poem and I always wish to be a child again.. So I can easily relate 🙂

  5. Red Handed says:

    Such a lovely one. And I so want to go back to those days.

  6. Wishful thinking Swati…if only we could go back in childhood! Sweet thoughts and a sweet poem 🙂

  7. Donna Smith says:

    …ah, but there are no U-turns, no rewinds, no reverse…only memories in the mirror. Bring as much of the positive as you can hold forward with you!

  8. Sunila Vig says:

    Oh yes I wishhh too, but I carry a lot of my childhood with me as a recompense. Cute poem Swati 🙂

  9. SG says:

    Nice poem. Nice we all could go back to our childhood.

  10. Each one of us has that dream somewhere to go back to the days of innocence, to our childhood! And as a child we had dreamed of growing up! Such is a life. Though it is always beautiful to look back at the fond memories of our childhood! 🙂

    • swathishenoy says:

      True Shesha! We wanted to grow up fat but now I think why? Those days were the best! I guess, that is how life is, wishing to have something else than what we have!

  11. Gillena Cox says:

    I luv the play of the wish metaphorically imposed into the prompt

    Much love…

  12. Mary says:

    Yes wouldn't it be nice to be able to go back to those carefree days of childhood just for a day. Sigh…this is an impossible dream but fun to fantasize about. Nice seeing you at Poetry Jam.

  13. Tina Basu says:

    ohh, how i want to live those memories again…

    Tina from The Sunny Side of Life

  14. How we all wish to go back to our childhood, be a kid again. But, what's stopping us if not us?
    I see you're a wonderful poet too. Beautiful Poem Swathi 🙂

  15. A says:

    Childhood… Days when we couldn't wait to grow up… And once we do, we finally realize the irony. Good one, Swathi 🙂 Brings back a lot of memories with this one!

  16. Gabriella says:

    I too can feel a bit nostalgic about these childhood days, at least some of the time.

  17. Peggy says:

    Yes we can never go back to those perfect impossible places. Happy we can visit there with our memories. Thanks for posting.

  18. rallentanda says:

    In our memory we can return to magical days and plan for new future ones as well !

  19. Sumana Roy says:

    love those take me there stanzas…but return to childhood days…not me.. …who'll sit for those exams again? 🙂

  20. I loved this. Such a nostalgic arc to it. It would be nice to return to our childhood days if only to go to much loved places of our early youth.

  21. alan1704 says:

    I can feel your heart and the longing, nicely done this sings of cherished love

  22. umangawasthi says:

    Childhood is the best part of life. I too sometimes wish to get back to those golden days. Very well framed the yearn to get your impossible place. 🙂

  23. loved it swathi..we all yearn to go back to our childhood days..:))

  24. I catch glimpses of this world, even now as an adult. So hard to keep your mind in that place though.

    Thanks for the poem!

  25. mrs-minerva says:

    This is beautiful, Swathi! I also wish I could go back to that place… You really knew how to put this feeling down in words. I simply love it!

  26. nibhz says:

    take me along with you please!!

  27. Ankita says:

    such an optimistic poem! loved it! reminded me of that song- aa chal ke tujhe main le ke chaloon' by Kishor Kumar 🙂

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