Doors – Five Sentence Fiction #7

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44 Responses

  1. wish he could make it 😐 well written (Y)

  2. nibhz says:

    Another wonderful story with a meaningful concept!! Well done!

  3. You have fused both the prompts effortlessly.

  4. very nice use of the prompts to make a meaningful story!

  5. Wow! You have merged the prompts well! 🙂

  6. Ankur Anand says:

    very creatively merged and written 🙂

  7. A sad story and such things happen often.

  8. Tarang Sinha says:

    Nicely crafted tale!

  9. Red Handed says:

    Superb take on the prompt.

  10. A wonderful tale woven around the prompt.. 🙂

  11. JANU says:

    Sad…but not rare.

  12. Soumya says:

    I loved the merge of prompts! Brilliant take 🙂

  13. Usha Menon says:

    Ah a very poignant tale. So moving!

  14. cifar shayar says:

    It's sad when people leave their parents for money and success

    Broken Door – Five Sentence Fiction

  15. Shilpa Garg says:

    Aah! The guilt and the regrets…
    Wonderfully crafted story!

  16. Suzy says:

    This is probably a reality for so many. Very well written and 2 prompts in one. Well done.

  17. Wow, great solution to the challenge. Powerful writing…

    D.B. McNicol
    Romance & Mystery…writing my life

  18. Aditi says:

    This was heartbreaking!! 🙁

  19. There's always some guilt, and some regret ! Lovely blend of the prompts. You're brilliant, dear 🙂

  20. Nabanita says:

    Beautiful blend and wonderfully orchestrated

    Women (Un)Judged

  21. K R Smith says:

    A good, though sad, story with the extra difficulty of combining two challenges!

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