U for Uncertainty!!

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35 Responses

  1. Nabanita says:

    Sometimes uncertainty is good no? Beautiful verses!
    U for Uncanny-Random Thoughts Naba

  2. Sheilagh Lee says:

    if that makes her feel powerful good for her.

  3. Danny Waise says:

    I like the positivity and the sense of empowerment here.

  4. Ankur Anand says:

    uncertainty makes life worth living .. may be just my thought .. nice free verses 🙂

  5. Charleen says:

    I love the support the husband offers…so sweet!

  6. SG says:

    So she became the next Giada De Laurentiis.

  7. here comes d masterchef post 😀

    From just a mom that she was,
    To the queen of edible world!
    She smiled plating the viscous liquid,
    The transformation unbelievable!

    this is my fav ^_^

  8. Sylvia Ney says:

    Great job – I really enjoyed this! New follower here. I'm stopping by from the "A to Z" challenge, and I look forward to visiting again.


  9. Suzy says:

    Nice verse. Encouragement can do wonders.

  10. Anna Jeanine says:

    Cool! I like all the great poetry I'm getting to read during this blog challenge.

  11. Shailaja V says:

    This is so beautiful. From that uncertainty emerged a greatness 🙂

    ~Shailaja's latest A~Z post
    ~Shailaja's Guest post

  12. Good, she didn't let her uncertainty conquer her. 🙂
    Well written. 🙂

  13. Red Handed says:

    how lovely…she was more than just a mom. 🙂

  14. Afshan Shaik says:

    Would love to see such transformation in my self 🙂
    good one swathi

    Dropping by from A to Z


  15. Prasanna Rao says:

    Wonderful verses. I think uncertainty sometimes eggs us on to more than just good. Good stress is always a motivator 🙂 But too much of a good thing is also bad. Did I manage to confuse you 😛

  16. Nice post. Uncertainty is a good motivation for us to do better. Hope for the best but also be prepared for possible failure. Uncertainty when, but as long as one keeps on, you'll get there.

  17. cifar shayar says:

    wonderful! Used three word Wednesday prompt so well hats off to this post

  18. sulekkha says:

    He is the wind beneath her wings, lovely post.

  19. aah how lovely swathi 🙂 nicely done!

  20. Sophie Bowns says:

    This is so beautifully written!

  21. Mina Menon says:

    at times all u need is just that pat on the back …

  22. u just need to believe in urself!!

  23. Jae Rose says:

    What a heartening poem..self belief is essential in any successful recipe

  24. you are brilliant in your poems dear!

  25. Rajlakshmi says:

    a Mom following her passion, overcoming uncertainities 🙂 I loved the poem 🙂

  26. Absolutely wonderful Swathi! Brings to mind the journey of Julia Child who took up cooking to pass her time and gained fame and popularity with it.

  27. Shilpa Garg says:

    Encouragement.. the best gift you can give to somebody!!
    Lovely expression, Swathi! 🙂

  28. Anita says:

    Nice when Uncertainty makes us a better person 🙂
    Nicely expressed, Swathi!

  29. Kathy Combs says:

    There is a bit of uncertainty leading to something really wonderful!

  30. I like the simplicity of this poem. It is powerful. Your work paints quite a picture of an interesting slice of life and an intriguing couple.

  31. A simple poem 🙂 Sweet way to bring out the greatness from the uncertainty ! I loved the theme here 🙂

  32. nibhz says:

    Loved the poem dear!! sure life can be so uncertain at times!

  33. See what you've done! Now I'm hungry!

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