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  1. Purba says:

    A very sweet and endearing write-up. I started missing my best friend as I read this post. Keep Writing Swathi 🙂

  2. sadiya says:

    Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh,, ,,,,, dedicated a blogpost to me luv u swatzzz muaaahhhhhhhh,,, yep reallyyy had loads n loads of fun ,,,,,enjoyed to d core,,,,, wudnt hv been possible without u all. ,,, craziness at extreme was the theme I suppose n v totally sticked to it lolzzzz 🙂

  3. yasmeen says:

    For Sure sweety, i loved the way u dedicated uo blog for your friends 🙂 I am thrilled reading out uo celebrations. Really ! Sadiya you 've to be lucky to have a friend as her coz she and all of the 'Muted minos' made your day. Keep rocking guys B) And swathi , great job (y) You set a milestone of True friendship in her life 🙂

  4. saddy z lucky to have u ^_^ good one swatz 🙂 keep writing swatz 🙂

  5. Pratheeksha says:

    yup without friends life is hell!! am soooo happy, i met u guys!!! whether it is a party or a casual chat you guys make it more fun!! and saddy your expressions added more fun to the party!! and your pudding had a striking effect, on me especially!!! ;p and swatz good job!!! keep wriring!! 🙂

    • swathishenoy says:

      Evn am glad to hav u as my frn prats.. u r my korean chingu afterall 😉 n d pudding n its aftereffects, am sure all of us wil remember dat for a long tym 😀
      Thnx for d encouragement 🙂

  6. Anuja Jain says:

    while reading your post I also started missing my student life and long hangouts with my friends.Those were the nest days of my life ..;-)

  7. MEMORABLE MOMENTS 🙂 m lucky enough 2 b da part of dis crazy grp 😉

  8. Noor ain says:

    whoa! wait a minute…i did not see this post that day…:)best part of saddy's b'day party was dumb shell act..i really can't forget that movie name for which sush was asked to enact …..bechari sush:-D

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