Monthly Archive: February 2015


Buying a New Car

       I went to my friend’s home jumping with excitement after completing my seminar. I was stressed from a lot of days and now that I was free, I wanted to spend some time relaxing. What better way...


First Blogiversary!!

       I am barely someone who gets excited over birthdays. I am known to forget even my own birthday. But when it is about my blog, I can hardly forget it! I am all excited and my happiness...


A Near Death Experience

       She clutched the wheel like her life depended on it. Well, maybe it did! Wait, there was no maybe. Her life was in danger and the wheel was all she had to hold on to, if she...


Snap of the Week #3

It’s been a delicious week, what with my brother and my best friend turning into master chefs!  PS: Linking this post to Eloquent Articulation #SnapYourWeek #8 Until the next post, Keep Smiling 🙂 Love, Swathi 🙂


Compassion in Day-to-Day Life #1000Speak

       Sometimes seeing the tragic happenings around the world, I have a strong urge to believe that the word ‘Compassion’ is just that - a word and it belonged to the past. But I am proved wrong every...


Sangita’s Dilemma - Cover Reveal

       I have never done cover reveal on my blog. But since I love Sundari Venkatraman’s books a lot, I readily agreed to it when she asked and here goes the first cover reveal on my blog 🙂...